Multi-Tech MultiConnect rCell HSPA H6 Models

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Multi-Tech MultiConnect rCell HSPA H6 Models


Intelligent HSPA Wireless Routers



The MultiConnect® rCell Intelligent HSPA Wireless Router is part of Multi-Tech Systems’ comprehensive line of routers for M2M (machine to machine) communications. Designed for any application, it provides functionality that maximizes the user experience and the assurance in knowing your router is going to perform as specified - as well as withstand the rigors of your application. The MultiConnect rCell also offers a stable lifecycle, an important consideration for M2M solutions. The MTR-H6 model was developed for the European market.

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Specifications

The Wi-Fi interface can be set up in 802.11 bgn Access Point (AP) or client mode. In AP mode, the router can support up to 5 client connections. The Bluetooth serial interface allows you to set up a transparent data pipe from a Bluetooth device to a remote server. The router can be configured using TCP or UDP protocols and can act as a server or client, giving you the flexibility you need for your particular application.


• 802.11 bgn (1x1)
• WEP, WPA, and WPA2 support
• 65 Mbps maximum theoretical throughput
• 20 dbm TPO (typical)


• Version 4.0
• Power Class 1.5
• 8 dBm TPO (typical)



The MultiConnect rCell intelligent wireless routers can be used in a variety of applications, from asset tracking and fleet management to highly data-intensive, mission critical applications, such as remote video surveillance or home medical monitoring. Because the routers are certified and carrier approved, customers are able to quickly enable M2M functionality, as they do not have to incur the expense and take the time to obtain the appropriate certifications and approvals.

Embedded OS for Enhanced M2M Connectivity

Multi-Tech’s embedded operating system provides a web-based programming interface providing easy access to many of the advanced features offered by the MultiConnect rCell. For example, the router can be configured for one of three connectivity modes:

• Always on – When powered on, the router automatically establishes a connection to the wireless network and will re-establish the data link if the connection is lost.

• Wake-up on ring/Caller ID – This setting allows the router to establish a data link when the router detects any incoming ring or when the router detects an incoming ring based on a particular caller ID number.

• Dial-on demand – When the router is configured for dial-on demand, it will establish a data link when LAN activity is detected.

Secure VPN Connections

The MultiConnect rCell intelligent wireless router uses the IPSec industry standard protocol, data encryption, and the Internet to provide high performance, secure VPN connections. For LAN-to-LAN connectivity, the MultiConnect rCell utilizes the IPSec protocol to provide tunnels with strong 3DES or AES encryption using IKE and PSK key management. With support for two concurrent VPN tunnels, it is sized appropriately for M2M applications.


Weitere Informationen

MTR-H6 Intelligent HSPA Router

Product Description Region
MTR-H6-B16 Router Only Euro/GB
MTR-H6-B16-EU Router with EU Accessory Kit Europe
MTR-H6-B16-GB Router with UK Accessory Kit GB/Ireland
MTR-H6-B18 Router Only with Wi-Fi Euro/GB
MTR-H6-B18-EU Router with Wi-Fi and EU Accessory Kit Europe
MTR-H6-B18-GB Router with Wi-Fi and UK Accessory Kit GB/Ireland
MTR-H6-B19 Router Only with Wi-Fi and GPS Euro/GB


Dokumentation PDF Multi-Tech MultiConnect® rCell HSPA EU Datasheet (1572.5 kB)

Dokumentation PDF Multi-Tech MultiConnect rCell 100 Series Datasheet (1017.1 kB)

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