MOXA UPort 1150 / UPort1150I

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MOXA UPort 1150 / UPort1150I

1-port RS-232/422/485 USB-to-serial converters with 2 KV isolation protection



Die USB-zu-Seriell-Konverter UPort™ 1150/1150I ermöglichen den Anschluss eines RS-232/422/485-Geräts an Ihren Laptop/Ihre Arbeitsstation über den USB-Port (Universal Serial Bus). Diese Plug & Play-USB-Lösungen sind mit neuen und älteren RS-232/422/485-Geräten kompatibel und eignen sich perfekt für mobile, Instrumenten- und Point-of-Sale-Anwendungen.

Einfache, problemlose Erweiterung der seriellen Ports

USB-Plug & Play vereinfacht die Erweiterung serieller Ports. Hierzu sind keine IRQ-, DMA- oder I/O-Adressquellen erforderlich. Die Anwender müssen nicht mehr das Gehäuse öffnen oder das System herunterfahren, um COM-Ports hinzuzufügen. Dies spart Einrichtungszeit und Kosten.


Weitere Informationen

Instant Plug & Play The MOXA UPort™ 1150/1150I USB-to-serial converters allow you to connect 1 RS-232/422/485 device to your laptop or workstation through the USB (Universal Serial Bus) port. These plug & play USB solutions are compatible with both new and legacy RS-232/422/485 devices, and are perfect for mobile, instrumentation, and point-of sale applications. Simplified, Hassle-free Serial Port Expansion USB plug & play makes serial port expansion easy, and does not require IRQ, DMA, or I/O address resources. Users no longer need to open the chassis or power down the system to add COM ports, saving on setup time and cost. COM Port Numbers Displayed in Windows System Tray When using a UPort™ 1150 or UPort™ 1150I to connect a serial device to your PC, it may be necessary to determine the COM port number assigned to the serial device. A new tool provided by Moxa gives engineers a handy means of determining the COM port number of the device. When the UPort™ is plugged into your computer’s USB port, a UPort™ icon will be placed in the Windows System Tray located in the lower right corner of the desktop. Simply position the cursor over the UPort™ icon, and then wait a few microseconds for an information window showing the COM port number to pop up. When two or more UPort™s are connected to the same computer, the pop-up window will show the COM numbers for all of the UPort™s.

USB Interface

Serial Interface


Serial Communication Parameters

Serial Signals

Operating Systems

Please refer to Moxa’s website for the latest driver support information.

Physical Characteristics

Environmental Limits

Please contact us if you require products guaranteed to function properly at higher altitudes.

Standards and Certifications

Power Requirements

MTBF (mean time between failures)

Ordering Information
Available Models
UPort 1110: 1-port RS-232 USB-to-serial converter
UPort 1130: 1-port RS-422/485 USB-to-serial converter
UPort 1130I: 1-port RS-422/485 USB-to-serial converter with 2 kV electrical isolation
UPort 1150: 1-port RS-232/422/485 USB-to-serial converter
UPort 1150I: 1-port RS-232/422/485 USB-to-serial converter with 2 KV electrical isolation
Optional Accessories (can be purchased separately)
Mini DB9F-to-TB Adapter: DB9 female to terminal block adapter for RS-422/485 applications


Dokumentation PDF MOXA UPort 1150 / UPort1150I Datasheet (2070.2 kB)

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